The radiance – making massage

If you have a night with a big event, a cocktail party or just an important date you want to look your very best. So how about a  20 – minute facial treatment using a lot of massage techniques for lymphatic drainage?

How to do it:

  1. Warm your facial oil or cleanser in the palm of your hands. Pat the product on to your face and neck.
  2. Start in the centre of your forehead and, using medium – pressure circular movements, work your fingers out towards your temples.
  3. Then start at your nose and work outwards along your cheeks.
  4. Finish by splitting your index and middle fingers into an open “scissor” and sweep along your upper and lower lip, down across your chin to your jaw line and down the sides of your neck to your collarbone.
  5. To de-puff eyes, apply your eye serum on to your index, middle and ring fingers and sweep from the inner to outer corner, over your brow bone and down the inside bridge of your nose. Do both eyes in circular motions, keeping product a safe distance from your eyes. Repeat three times.
  6. Ensure you do this massage for 30 seconds morning and night and your skintone and texture will improve.

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