There are remedies for dull, damaged and thin hair. Use them!

We are often asking ourselves why our hair doesn’t have the shine and beauty that we want. The answer: our hair is dull and damaged; this means that vitality and shine are lacking, it gets stacked in the brush and gets broken. Repeatedly dyeing, unhealthy food, pregnancy period and strong sun can be some of the causes of damaged hair. To cut our hair 1 cm every 2 months and treating it with different hair masks is essential to keep it healthy. Hair gets split ( bit by bit) everytime we try to make pony tails, buns or we try to tie our hair to strong  with elastics from plastic materials so that it can’t “breathe”. Also the heat of the hairdryer is harmful for the hair.


On the market are products specially designed for our hair type and is good to use the shampoo, conditioner and mask recommended for our hair type (normal, dry, oily or mix). No matter what type of hair we have specialists recommend us to use every week a mask that we can leave-in on our hair 10 minutes and to use conditioner every time we wash the hair but not on the roots because it will get oily very fast.

If you are interested in natural remedies, olive oil is very appreciated in hair treatments (virgin olive oil, 100 % natural) and can be applied on all hair length simple or in combination with the hair mask that we are usually using.

Another combination that can revive our hair is the coconut juice mixed with olive oil and yolk. This mixture is applied on dry hair and is let in to act about 30 minutes, after we can wash our hair with shampoo.

Another natural ingredient that can help our damaged hair is honey. This contains vitamins A, C, D and K and in order to prepare a hair mask  we need 1-2 spoons of honey and lemon juice ( from a fresh squeezed lemon).  This recipe is perfect for a hair that becomes oily very fast and for a dry hair, honey combined with cream in equal quantities will be ideal.

No matter what method we choose to make our hair look gorgeous we have to arm ourselves with patience because it doesn’t yet exist a miracle product that will change 100% the hair aspect from the first use.


  1. If the hair would grow backwards, yeah, maybe quick remedies like yolk and honey could do miracles. However, given that the hair actually sources inside your body, we should mind our eating and drinking more than anything. And no, frizzy hair will never be luscious and shiny like straight/ened hair. Ne-ver! so… feed your hair (nails and skin) ladies, and think that with every smoke you’re choking your beautiful tresses to death! 😉

  2. Kpriss – there may not be a way to permanently fix damaged hair using products, natural or otherwise, but you can certainly improve the way your hair looks – make it shinier, reduce frizziness, that sort of thing – using the above listed remedies (and more). However I do agree that when it comes to permanent fixes, the only way to go is eating healthy.

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