Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette for Holiday 2010 – Sneak Peek

Hello my dears!

I guess you know by now that I’m attracted to cute packaging. So I couldn’t remain indifferent to the new Enchanted Glamourland Palette for Holiday 2010 by Too Faced.

The new palette will be available in a Limited Edition and will be launched on 12 November in Japan.

I’m really looking forward these new colors and I’m hoping it will get on the counters of my local Sephora before the holidays.

Too Faced Glamourland Palette contains 15 eye shadows, a lip gloss and the Eyeshadow Insurance Primer.

What do you think so far? Are you loving this palette more than UD Book of Shadows vol III or Black Palette?

What are your first impressions? 🙂


    • First I love the packaging but I’m also happy that it comes with the eyeshadow primer because mine is almost finished. 🙂

    • I was bored with the UD palettes because they always included those 24/7 eyeliner pencils and sometimes I wanted to see a lip gloss or some lip product. 🙂

    • This will be a great gift indeed but I think I will be a little selfish and make this gift to myself. 🙂

  1. The package is pretty, butttt the colors are not my favorites together…dont know…I prefer the selection of UD…

  2. I really want this palette – so beautiful. Does anyone know if it will be available in the UK – sadly we do not have a sephora but boots/debehams do sell too faced products…Thanks!

  3. I have never seen this product yet. I love the packaging and the various colors. It is nice to have such a wide variety of colors that are good in one place.

  4. I have this palette i bought it this past weekend. It does not remind me of URBAN DECAY in anyway. I love the packaging and if i am in the mood for light color and very pastel colors this would be great. I love too faced pproducts my first nuy was LABEL WHORE eye shadow. I love it the sales rep in a store we were in was wearing it. I have bought the eye shadow about 6 times since the first time i was introduced.

  5. Just brought this baby home, love love love it!! Perfect colors for day or night!

    • Hi Rosalind! This is my favorite palette from the entire collection but is not yet available here. How do you like their textures? 🙂

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