Trend: discreet shine with Lancome Juicy Tubes

Lips that shines very discreet, attract attention without loading your look to much. You must know that particles that reflects the light make the defects even more visible, so lip’s exfoliating it’s a must.  You can use a towel soaked in hot water, then apply a lip balm and a gloss with shining particles. My favorite is  Lancome Juicy Tubes Pure ( 18$ ).  It’s a natural, high -shine 15ml  lip gloss that contains a mixture of Shea butter and naturally derived oils.  Lancome Juicy Tubes Pure will  condition your lips providing a rich color. It’s only available in Sephora and some of the shades are in limited edition.  I love the Lavender Zen shade but next I want to try the Wild Berry ( dark berry color). You can also order online from their shop and check-out the new colors.


I’m usually a fan of lipglosses but what I love most about this one is that it leaves my lips super glossy and fragranced without being sticky. Lot’s of ladies  tried Lancome Juicy Tubes and they quickly become a fan of this product raking it with 4,7 stars from 5.

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  1. I’ve always been atracted to Juicy Tubes, they just look so scrumptious! And the PURE colours look really cute

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