Update: MAC Too Fabulous Collection for Spring 2010 + Added Photos and Ice Cream Spring Makeup

The most sweet and delicious makeup collection by MACToo Fabulous – it’s making its debut on 25 February 2010 in Japan.

As I said in my previous post the collection will be launched in the U.S. on 4 March 2010 and the internationally launch will be also sometimes in March.

I’ve always been crazy about ice cream and this makeup that involves so many attractive pink shades is my favorite so far for this Spring.

The sweetest makeup of this spring includes ice cream blusher, ice cream lips and other beauty products that will infect us with delicious ice cream.

Ice Cream Lip Gloss

Available in 9 shades:

  • Fashion Scoop – pure pink
  • Just Superb – natural pink
  • Naked Boy Bait – light nude color
  • Partial To Pink – light peach pink
  • Richer, Lusher – peach coral
  • Loud & Lovely – micro – Blue-Pink
  • Double Dare – Rojo Alicante
  • Delight – natural intermediate colors
  • Over Indulgence – naked brown

Soft Ice Cream Blusher – Mineral Blush Duo

Available in:

  • Rhapsody in Two – light pink and peach colors (frost)
  • Two Virtues – light pink and violet (frost)
  • Chic Couple – light yellow-brown with peach (frost)
  • Bi-Tone – rose red with brown (frost)
  • Buddy Up – deep rosy pink with yellow (frost)
  • Sun & Moon – natural brown with pink-brown (frost)

Eye Color Lip Pencil

Available in 4 shades:

  • Mouth Off – deep peach coral
  • Trimmed in Pink – slight blue pink
  • Boldy Dare – dark red-brown
  • Chesnut -brown

Kevin, the teacher of MAC makeup techniques reveals the 4 steps in achieving the Ice Cream makeup

Step 1 “Laser Skin makeup to be” ready in 18 seconds! The result: a perfect skin with zero defects

Use Foundation Brush # 191, take your appropriate universal-up base – Sun polish Cream SPF35 PA + + +, start from the center uniform and gently brushing on the whole face, from the inside out, from bottom to top along the face. Then use the MAC #187 Powder Brush in circular motions from the center of the face towards the eyebrows.

Step 2 Beautiful Natural Eye Color

Use the fake eyelashes #36 for your upper lashes and #30 for your lower lashes.

Step 3 Blend the cheeks

Use the MAC Blush (2 virtues color) and a small brush like #188 and use circular motions to create an effect of  a elongated face.

Step 4 Ice Cream Lipstick

To add some ice cream on your lips use MAC most popular lipstick in Angel, a beautiful pink color and apply it on the lips to create a bright color. Follow with Ice Cream gloss Partial to Pink to create the effect that you just had some ice cream.

After writing this article I’m hungry for some Ice Cream although is the middle of winter outside. 🙂 What are you craving for?


  1. I was sure the lippie in the promo image was Angel, or maybe Creme Cup…I love the promo, it looks so pretty! The icecream colours are gorgeous…I’m looking forward to checking out the new Cremesheens!

    • I actually just spoke with MAC chat and they explained they used the following:

      Lip Conditioner (tube)
      In Synch Lip Pencil
      Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Marce! Let me know when you’ll buy the products. I adore the new ice cream makeup, I think I will wear it all Spring long or even in Summer if it doesn’t melt :))

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