YSL 2013 Touche Eclat Collector – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

It’s already known that every season since 2010, Yves Saint Laurent dons a new golden packaging in tribute to the Saint Laurent house’s most beautiful creations, stealing the make-up world’s spotlight as the absolute must-have accessory. This year YSL proudly presents 2013 Touche Eclat Collector edition, an absolute must-have


Inspired by the crystal bead-covered Haute Couture “Edition Soir” evening gown designed by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent himself in the 1960s, the already Y-conic Touche Éclat Collector 2013 is delicately engraved and embossed with a sparkling shower of light like an exquisitely embroidered dress. A pure jewel, this irresistibly alluring goldsmithing masterpiece celebrates the worship of light and the art of illuminating every woman’s complexion by Yves Saint Laurent.


Romania Launch Date – May at Sephora, Douglas

UK Launch Date – now @yslbeauty.co.uk. @boots.com

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YSL 2013 Touche Eclat Collector – £25.00/ 166.00 Lei

Touche Éclat, the revolutionary highlighter pen created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1992, is now one of the world’s greatest beauty icons. An absolute musthave make-up accessory for millions of women all around the globe, one Touche Éclat is sold every 10 seconds. In one quick click, Touche Éclat instantly releases its magic light. A natural radiance revealer, it enhances facial features and contours, erasing all signs of fatigue and dark circles. A few magic strokes and the complexion is beautifully illuminated.


  • N°1 Rose light
  • N°2 Ivory light
  • N°3 Peach light (not in UK)
  • N°4 Caramel light (not in UK)



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