YSL Spring 2013 Makeup Collection – Info & Promo Photos

Hello lovelies!

Lately I’ve been posting a lot of sneak peek photos and press launch event photos of YSL Spring 2013 Makeup Collection and now finally we get to see the close-up photos.

Gems fascinate with their fascinating aura and its mysterious attraction Spring Look 2013:. A range of mineral, crystalline colors, inspired by the appearance of these precious stones, the Saint Laurent woman is bold in this pure energy and gives himself entirely.” Arty “. opalescent complexion, quartz and malachite on the eyelids, garnet, topaz and ruby for the lips and nails in Jade nuances. In spring 2013, the YSL woman seduces with 1001 facets. Her look in every Azurite Smoky captivates her beauty looks mesmerizing. puts you on color in all its facets.


Japan Launch Date – 18 January 2013

International Launch Date – February 2013

Meet the entire collection right after the cut.

YSL Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Y Lumiere Collector Face Palette -Limited Edition

The new palette has a shimmer finish and features nude shades.

Eyeshadow Powder – Special Limited Edition

Collector Eyeshadow Quadra Palette – Limited Edition – € 58.00

Available in #14 including the following shades:

  • Malachite Green
  • Sparkling Rose
  • Violet Amethyst
  • Azurite Blue

Cream Blush – Limited Edition – €36.00

  • #07 Rose Quartz
  • #08 Baby Doll
  • #09 Red Quartz

Lacquer Couture – €24.00

  • #34 Jade Imperial -light turquoise (New)
  • #35 Bronze Pyrite – gray blue (New) (Limited Edition)

Lacque Couture – Limited Edition – €31.50

  • #28 Grenat Acrylique
  • #29 Rose Fourreau
  • #30 Mauve Fusain

Rouge Pur Couture – Permanent – €31.50

  • #27 Peche Cerra Colla

Candy Floss Lipstick – Limited Edition – €30.00

  • #11 Frech Mint (Limited Edition)
  • #12 Framboise Craquante
  • #13 Moka Griotte

False Lash Mascara – Limited Edition – €32.00

  • #21 Green Emerald

Long Lasting Eye Pencil N – Limited Edition – €21.00

  • #15 Mauve Amethyst
  • #16 Ultra Violet

Enjoy more photos…



  1. Although the presentation is stunning, there are only a few items that would suit me, lips & eye pencils. The Framboise Craquante lipstick is really “craquant”! Meaning, I could definitely fall for it. 😀

  2. Is the launch date changed? I thought it’s on Jan 18th.
    Do you know when the U.S launch date is?

    • Hi Jenn! Jan 18th will be the launch date for Japan while February 2013 will be launch date for Europe and the rest of the countries. Since U.S. launch date is always earlier than Europe I’m guessing the collection should be out in January but I don’t have an exact launch date. I will update once I receive new info.

      • Thanks!
        By the way, are Baby Doll blush and Rose Quartz the lightest and midtone pink repectively?
        and I like the 1st and 3rd lip stains (from left side, peachy and pinky ones), but I’m confused whether they’re #27 and #29. Do you have any idea?:)

        • The lip stains are from left to right in this order #27, #28, #29, #30. Baby Doll is the lightest pink while Rose Quartz is the medium one. 🙂

    • I love the palette except the green shade. I guess 3 out of 4 is pretty good considering I rarely like the YSL shade combination in palette.

    • Hi Marcia! I posted swatches of them in a previous post but these shades are not calling my name, but I’m glad you like them. 🙂

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