YSL Summer 2013 Saharienne Collection – Sneak Peek

Hello beauties!

I’m sure there are many of you out there waiting for news regarding the upcoming YSL Summer 2013 Saharienne Collection. For now I gave you only the promo photo as a sneak peek and I will post the color story probably next week. This new makeup collection draw its inspiration from the far and hot Sahara desert with golden sand dunes and sparkling sun.



International Launch Date – TBA

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The new Collector Ombres Lumieres Palette will be available in limited edition and combines the shades of desert coral, bronze, shimmering gold and nude with the sophisticated purple. The nail polish will be a beautiful turquoise green. New bronzers, lipsticks and lip glosses are also expected to join this collection.

What do you think of this collection so far? Are you impressed by the new eyeshadow palette?




  1. hi!!! this is just my opinion….but, why did they have to add the purple? if they would have made it an all neutral pallette it would have been a definite purchase for me. i don’t care for purple around my eye. i really like the nail varnish but, i’m thinking it will look best on tanned skin. i’m hoping they’re be more in the collection that i’ll like. is that lindsay wixson (spelling)??? i love her!

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