YSL Top Secret Collection New Products

Hello beauties!

Just a quick post to let you know that YSL will be adding new products to its Top Secret Collection starting this spring. Probably the most interesting product for me right now, is Lip Perfector, because we have winter here, a lot of snow and my lips definitely need that extra care. The Lip Perfector is a two in a one product that can be used as a balm or a lip scrub, which really makes it perfect for this weather. It provides a light exfoliation and ensures that lips are prepared even for the application of a matte lipstick. It will allow an even application of your lip color and give you that perfectly moisten and soft lips.




International Launch Date – Spring 2017

YSL Spring 2017 Top Secret Collection

Another key product for this collection is the two-phase Expert Makeup Remover Gentle Biphase which will quickly help you remove effectively even waterproof makeup or lip stain. There is also the Universal Makeup Remover and Instant Makeup Remover Micellar Water so you’ll basically have all the items you need in different formulas to easily choose your favorite.


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