Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Fall 2014 Collection

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In the upcoming fall season we will witness the launch of Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss, a new lip line featuring nine seductive shades with the intensity and luminosity finish of a gloss and the pigmentation or rich color of a lipstick. Revealing itself in a click the new line of Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss is part of a bigger Chanel Fall 2014 Makeup Collection which also features new lipstick and nail lacquer shades.


International Launch Date – October 2014

Japan Launch Date – 24 October 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss


  • Affriolant
  • Sensible
  • Extase
  • Suprême
  • Séduction
  • Pirate
  • Distinction
  • Exotique
  • Audace (Limited Edition)

I’m really excited to see these beauties in person as I spotted a couple of pinks that I just feel like I need to have. A rich and pigmented pink Allure Gloss is definitely something that I’m looking to seeing, swatching and wearing.

Enjoy more photos…




  1. Hi there, I only see 3 shades on the site? Are they releasing the others at a later date? Thx

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