Dior Diorblush Sculpt Contouring Powder Blush Compact Spring 2016

Hello beauties!

I couldn’t resist posting again about the limited edition release of Dior Diorblush Sculpt Contouring Powder Blush Compacts which are released as part of Dior Diorskin Forever Spring 2016 Collection (info, promo photos).  This time new close-up photos are meant to whisk you away to a place where you’ll be surrounded only by the most beautiful items. I personally, am in love with the pink powder blush bellow and there’s something in its simplicity that looks so appealing to me.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks

Dior Diorblush Sculpt Contouring Powder Blush Compact – New & Limited Edition – $43.00

The first contouring blush by Dior, Diorblush Sculpt allows you to easily redefine the face’s structure and volumes with the precision of a makeup artist thanks to its two contrasting shades.

The matte shade, in rose or coral, is blended under the apples of the cheeks to enhance the definition of the face. In beige or brown, it is applied to the hollows of the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and to the oval of the face for a refining effect.

The light iridescent hue illuminates and enhances the contoured areas of the face: the chin, middle of the forehead and curves of the cheekbones.


  • 001 Pink Shape
  • 002 Coral Shape
  • 003 Beige Contour
  • 004 Brown Contour


Enjoy more photos…

Dior-2016-Diorblush-Sculpt-Contouring-Powder-Blush-Compact-1 Dior-2016-Diorblush-Sculpt-Contouring-Powder-Blush-Compact-2 Dior-2016-Diorblush-Sculpt-Contouring-Powder-Blush-Compact-3

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