Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse Fall 2017

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Diorskin Forever adds a new member to its foundation family starting Fall 2017. Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse represents the ultra performance of a lightweight foam texture. Thanks to the unique expertise of Dior laboratories, this aerial foam instantly ensures an extra-long matte finish while offering a light and powder-free coverage.


International Launch Date – August 2017 ( I saw it earlier @tendance-parfums.com)

Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse – New – €38.00

The skin also gets thrown out of targeted perfectiveness care, for a zero pore effect. It becomes more beautiful day after day. Is a non-greasy foam that transforms and melts under your fingers into an extra-matte and blurry finish. Has a light coverage and I don’t think it will correct skin imperfections. The pores are minimized while the complexion gets an even color coverage. You can easily apply it to your face with your fingers, just like a cream. The tip for a flawless application is to use a moisturizing cream before applying Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse.


  • 022 Beige Clair
  • 020 Camée
  • 030 Beige Moyen
  • 033 Beige Abricot
  • 040 Miel
  • 050 Beige Foncé

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