Essie Spring 2017 Peach Side Babe Collection

Hello beauties!

Spring 2017 season brings with it Essie Peach Side Babe Collection featuring six more shade ready to join the permanent collection, because fabulous color is always in style.


“When it heats up, I like to stay cool with my Peach Side Babe.”


U.S. Launch Date – Now online

Essie Spring 2017 Peach Side Babe Collection

Essie Nail Polish – New & Permanent – $9.00

  • Go Go Geisha – antique blossom pink
  • Kimono-Over – inviting damson plum
  • Too Too Hot – a sizzling rich red coral
  • Peach Side Babe – sun-ripe peach
  • Off Tropic – lush grove green
  • Tribal Text-Styles – black gold and crushed onyx

Enjoy more photos…



  1. Isn’t Peach Side Babe the name of 2016’s summer collection? I believe this year’s spring collection is Cruise Down The Coast. I’ve seen some swatches. Colors include Backseat Besties; Excuse Me, Sur; B’aha Moment; Designated DJ; On The Roadie & All The Wave.

    • Hi Sandrine! Indeed Essie released a Peach Side Babe Collection back in 2015 and I’ve posted about it at the time. They seem to gave the same name to this one (dunno why), it’s also listed as new on their website and the nail polishes and even their names are different than the ones from 2015. Strange isn’t it?

      • Yes, that’s strange. The rest of the colors were also already released with Essie’s previous collections like Go Go Geisha and Kimono-Over were released with Fall 2016. Too Too Hot is from Summer 2011. Off Tropic is from Spring 2016. Tribal Text-Styles is from Summer 2016. These are all old shades. They just grouped them together. I don’t know if they made a mistake but I don’t think Essie would release old shades and call them their new Spring collection. I think their true Spring 2017 collection is the one I posted above. Manigeek has already posted swatches. I thought I’d let you know. Thanks for your time.

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