Givenchy Spring 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection

Hello cuties!

A sneak peek of Givenchy Spring Summer 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection just got us craving for more info so I’m back with the promo photos and details of this collection. Honestly I’m more looking forward to seeing the new Givenchy Rouge Interdit Spring 2017 Collection. how about you?



International Launch Date – mid January 2017 for Point D’Encrage Collection

Givenchy Spring 2017 Point D’Encrage Collection

Highlighter Memoire de Forme – Limited Edition – €44.00

  • No.01 Pink Ink

Prisme Libre Travel – €37.50

  • No.01 Mousseline Pastel

Huile Irresistible for Lips – Limited Edition – €31.00

  • No.01 Fuchsia Ink

Liner Vinyl – Limited Edition – €34.00

  • No.5 Black Blue Ink

Encre a Cils – €29.00

  • No.2 Blue Ink

Le Vernis – Limited Edition – €24.00

  • No.31 Purple Ink

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