MAC Spring 2017 Colour Rocker

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Get a first look at MAC Spring 2017 Colour Rocker Collection which features 28 new shades of lipsticks. The limited edition MAC Colour Rocker lipsticks come in bright and bold shades with a matte finish. They will all be available as limited edition so get your wishlist ready.



U.S. Launch Date – from 26 January to 9 March 2017 and MAC Locations

MAC Spring 2017 Colour Rocker Collection

Colour Rocker Lipstick – New & Limited Edition

  • Breathing Fire – bright warm fuchsia (Matte)
  • Feeling Fizzy – hot pink (Matte)
  • Carmine Rouge – clean true red (Matte)
  • Darling Clementine – electric orange (Matte)
  • Forbidden Sunrise – creamy orange (Matte)
  • Uncontrollable – baked orange (Matte)
  • Yellow You Dare? – warmed yellow (Matte)
  • Mud Wrestler – creamy neutral beige (Matte)
  • Cold Hard Cash – creamy neutral brown (Matte)
  • Digging It – rich warm brown (Matte)
  • Secret – dark greyed brown (Matte)
  • Gritty Girl – light cool brown (Matte)
  • City Slick – light grey beige (Matte)
  • Night Mint – light army green (Matte)
  • Into the Madness – bright lime green (Matte)
  • Instant Icon – bright baby blue (Matte)
  • Show And Teal – bright green blue teal (Matte)
  • Deep With Envy – forest green (Matte)
  • Mean Green Machine – green (Matte)
  • Indigo-Go – cornflower blue (Matte)
  • Blue Bang! – bright cerulean blue (Matte)
  • Jean Genie – sky blue (Matte)
  • Flatter Me Fierce – blue lavender purple (Matte)
  • Evening Buzz – grayed lavender purple (Matte)

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Photos by ashley_rudder

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