Review – Anti-hair loss treatment concentrate by Intragen Cosmetic Trichology

I wanted to make this review a long time ago, but I just finished this treatment in February and I waited until now when I bought a new box so I can have my own detailed photos.

When I review something I like to make my own photos with the product. I bought this hair treatment again about a week ago, from the Cosmetic Beauty Hair exhibition that I’ve been expecting it for a long time.


First time when I tried this treatment was last year, I guess around this time of year. I was desperate because I’ve tried many products and treatments anti- hair loss and nothing worked permanently.

My first try was the hair treatment from Vichy and all it was good until the vials finished. After 1-2 weeks passed from the treatment the problems returned. It seems like they had an anti-hair loss effect only during the treatment, so I needed to try something else.

Everytime I went to beauty salon I’ve asked my hair stylist what anti-hair loss treatment she can recommend me. So, my next try was L’Oreal Aminexil vials. I can’t say that they didn’t helped, but I only tried 10 vials because they were very expensive and I could find them only in beauty salons so I gave up. My hair strength was improved indeed and I’ve noticed that it really had an anti-hair loss effect but asΒ  I said I couldn’t keep up with the price. πŸ™‚


So there I was, with enough money spent on hair treatments and no long term effect. I also gave a shot to a more natural home method, that I’ve heard to be working on some girls. It was a hair mask that I’ve made myself in home combining some special gas (Β  double-refined gas specially used for hair that my mother had a hard time finding it), olive oil mask, Castor oil and one yolk.Β  This one was a really good solution but I have to admit that I was to lazy to stick with the treatment. I had to keep this mask on my hair for about 45 minutes before washing my hair. I tried it a couple of times and it really worked but when I finished the special gas and my mother could not find me another one, I had to give up the treatment.

Every year I was going to this beauty exhibition that I was talking you about, where many beauty and makeup brands are coming, presenting their new collections and special offers. So, while I was wondering between the stands I’ve meet an ex-coworker. She was working as a model for Revlon and after telling her my problem she recommended me the Anti-hair loss treatment from Intragen. She already knew that I’ve tried almost anything ( anti- hair loss shampoo also) and the effects were only temporarily.

I went to the Revlon stand ( on the box doesn’t say anything about Revlon, but here I can find it only at Revlon distributors) and the seller told me everything I needed to know about this treatment. It was available in a small box also with 12 vials but I bought the big box with 42 vials.

I’m honestly telling you that was the best decision I ever made for my hair, and those 42 vials lasted me for about 5-6 months. Last year I payed for the big box with 42 vials almost 63 $, but this year the price was double 125 $ and I was kind of shocked at first when I heard it, but I least I knew what I was buying and that my hair will be safe even long after those 5-6 months of treatment.


What is written on the box

Intragen treatment is a natural, multifunctional complex made from botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals which acts on the main causes of hair loss. Reduces the scalp’s sebum level while revitalizing and strengthening even the finest hair.

Clinical test conducted over a 6 month period on both men and women with different degrees of hair loss problems showed the efficacy of Intragen with an increase of hair density and stronger resistance to hair loss.


What do I think

  • Everything written on the box is completely true, or better said, my hair is 100% satisfied with this treatment and its results.
  • After the 1 month of treatment my hair stopped from falling, the results were becoming better with days.
  • My hair became thicker and resistant and trust me this was a real miracle because my hair is very thin and easy to broke. I’m a natural blonde, I have never dyed my hair and one of my main problems over the years was this thin kitty hair. Although many says that it looks nice because it’s always shining and straight, it’s very hard to style it, doesn’t matter what products I use in a few hours he returns to its natural look.
  • After few months of treatment I’ve noticed an increase of hair density and a stronger resistant to hair loss. Before the treatment, everytime after taking a bath, I loose very much hair. Also when I needed to comb and dry my hair I was afraid how much hair I left behind. In only 1 month this problem was solved and after 2 or 3 months I felt that my hair is normal again, without loosing hair after bath.
  • Even after I ended the treatment my hair was healthy, thicker, stronger. Last month I’ve decided to start a new treatment because due to season chance my hair could start falling again, and anyway is recommended to have a hair treatment at least 2 times a year. I wanted to start the treatment now before my hair will start feeling week or loose its density, and definitely I don’t want to have hair-loss problems again.
  • The liquid is non oily and it really help reducing the scalp sebum. Usually after 2 days I had to wash my hair, but during this treatment it was ok if I washed it after 4 days.


How to use it

Depends on how serious is your problem you can choose one of the programs bellow. I used to use 2 vials per week after washing my hair. As you can see from the photos I’ve took, in the box together with the 42 vials you can find 4 pipes, which can be re-used after the first application. You can change the pipe after you’ve used 10 vials.

Intensive Program: application of one vial of Intragen to the hair roots every day for 42 days. This is written on the box but I don’t think somebody has so seriously problems. Considering that you have to apply these vials after you washed and rinsed your hair I think would be to much of a trouble to do it everyday.

Maintenance Program: application of one vial 2-3 times per week. This should last you at least 4 months which I think is enough for everyone.

Wash your hair and after you rinse it with a soft towel apply one vial to the hair roots with the help of the dosing pipe. Gently massage the scalp for better absorption. Do not rinse after but let it a couple minutes so the vial can take effect. Now you can comb and style like usual, you can use your hair styling products and blow dry it.

You can also buy the Intragen Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for a greater efficacy ( I didn’t try it).

The vials have a really pleasant scent. I could say it’s a nice fragrance of rosemary, limone and alcohol which makes it a really interesting scent. Each vial contains 6 ml of products.

If you have any more questions regarding this treatment please write them in the comments bellow and I will be happy to answer you.


  1. This sounds like hair heaven in a vial! And I had no idea Revlon made such products for the hair. I have come across their Outrageous shampoo in my teen years, but that was just horrible!

    Did it make your hair grow any faster?


  2. Yeah I really saw an improvement. My hair anyway grows kind of slowly, but since he was more stronger and not so easy breakable he started growing faster. I can’t say that these vials are from Revlon, cause on the box says Intragen, but I could only find them at Revlon beauty salon. I think maybe they are reselling these vials.

    • As I said in the review, you can ask in beauty salons about it. Try to ask in those salons where they have Revlon products, cause I’ve always bought it from Revlon representants

  3. I think they are Revlon. Just searched it online. You’d be surprised at how many other brands you know of that have L’Oreal or Revlon or any other big brands as its parent company… Kerastase, I think, is a branch of L’Oreal.

    And would love to try those vials out! They sound so intriguing haha

  4. Although I have no hair-loss problem, a roommate of mine in dorm has. It’s like black hair EVERYWHERE! And she doesn’t even care about it! @_@
    Ah, I’d be more than happy to donate you some hair LOL I have way too much, but if it’s helped you with strength and all, then it’d be good for me too.
    Too bad it’s hard to find. I’m sore I can’t find it here since the only place you could buy it was the exhibition.
    hmm beauty IS expensive~

  5. Hi Mary! At the exhibition I’ve asked where else I can find this treatment and they told me I should try at Professionals Hair Salons. So I can recommend you the same place. Here we have some Hair Salons that sell professional hair products that can’t be found on other shops cause they are exclusively for Hair Salons. Good Luck!

  6. HELLO
    Thank You

    • Hi Zita! You can buy the vials in any beauty salon that sells Revlon products, at least it’s like this in my country.

      • Hi Tavia….
        Is this the same product in Revlon site “Revlon Professional InterActives Intragen 5 Hair Loss Ampoule 42 Pack”???

        • Hi Santy! Yes they are the same vials, but I’ve seen now Revlon made a new version more stronger they said…but I didn’t tried them yet. The new vials are darker from what I’ve seen in the photos. Anyway I like this treatment and I want to do it again in September. It’s recommended to be done in spring or fall (2 times a year if you have hair loss problems and 1 time for maintainable). πŸ™‚

  7. Hello
    cna you tell me where I can buy it in the USA?

    Thank you

    • Salut Anca! Acest produs este distribuit in Romania de firma Contrast. Eu mi-am cumparat tratamentul mereu de la Cosmetic Beauty Hair care se tine anual la Romexpo in Septembrie dar daca esti din Bucuresti poti merge la sediul lor care se afla in spatele magazinului Unirea. Eu am fost la ei chiar acum 2 saptamani iar pretul este in jur de 300 ron.

  8. Thanks for your review, I had not heard of this until reading it. I may try it instead of Regaine/Rogaine which is not working for me.

  9. where did you buy this? I used this product and then my hair dresser that used to sell it to me said it was discontinued….I live in vancouver BC

    • Hi! I live in Europe and I bought this even last year from the local Revlon shop in my city. Here is not discontinued yet and hopefully it will never be because I love it. πŸ™‚

  10. How About in Asia? Not many salons here knows this product. However, one can only get via shipping.

  11. You mentioned it smelled kind of lemony? Is lemons or citrus of any kind one of the ingredients, whether active or inactive?

  12. Thnx dear love ur detailed info can u tell me if there is anything that can enhance hair growth I am trying to have a long hair but it takes too long to grow 2 or 3 inches seems like ever!

  13. Hi, I wonder if it helps your hair grow? Not only stopping the hair (already existing hair) from falling, but also making it grow in folicules that are not activated? Can you help me?

    • Hi Alice! It helps in some way as my hair keeps regenerating and new and strong hairs are growing. It can’t make your hair grow faster but it does help your hair be healthier.

  14. Too bad it’s hard to find. I’m sore I can’t find it here since the only place you could buy it was the exhibition.

    • Hi Melisa! The first time I bought this treatment was at the exhibition but I bought it several times ever since. It’s available trough their distributor or can be easily found at beauty salons that use Revlon products. If you need more details please write me an e-mail.

    • I don’t know exactly where this product is available in UK but it usually available in beauty salons which use Revlon products.

  15. Nice post but i want to say bio hair treatment is also a very good and effective solutions for stopping hair loss

  16. I use tht but i have a question . Tht i dont knw for how much time i keep this on my hair . ??? And when i wash it my hair become sticky ??? Why ???

    • Hi Sara! You put the vial on your hair and leave them in, you don’t wash your hair or anything. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Emmanuel! You don’t have to wash it off, you just apply a vial on damp hair, massage it onto your hair and leave it like this. Style as you please. I get my treatment from my local Revlon retailer or beauty salons that sell Revlon products.

  17. Hi,
    It was 2009. do you still use this vials?
    I’m starting to use this vials and I want to know how long should I use it?
    Thank you

    • Hi! I last used them in 2014, as this year when I tried to purchase them they were out of stock so I tried a different brand. I usually buy these vials 2 times a year and use one vial after I wash my hair. In my case they proved to be the only ones that worked and stopped my hair loss. At times when my hair was falling so much I used like 4 vials a week, it all depends if you are looking to just straighten your hairs, regenerate hair to make it more healthy or you have a serious hair loss problem and in that case you should apply a vial every day.

    • Hi Parisa! I honestly don’t know about Revlon product distribution in US. I personally can find these at any Revlon beauty salon. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi, I have an unused 12 doses x 6 ml of this product that I would like to sell, do you know the prize of this?

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  20. I want to buy the ANTI HAIR LOSS of Revlon in Greece. Could you please give the full address of representative in Athens Greece?

    • Hi Adriana! I don’t live in Greece so unfortunately I don’t know the representative for Revlon. I only know the representative in my country. Perhaps you can do a bit of local research or just ask at a beauty salon where do you see they use Revlon products.

    • I don’t know! I was not interested in that….I simply like that this product shows results. πŸ™‚

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