L.O.V. Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Hello beauties!

L.O.V. Summer 2017 Makeup Collection is incredible! You just have to take a look at the new L.O.V. makeup products and let me know what you think! I couldn’t help noticing the striking resemblance between L.O.V. Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow and MAC Spellbinder Shadows (review). I don’t know anything about the quality of these new ones by the packaging imitation is just…uh! They are described to behave just like the famous MAC Spellbinder Shadows?! The texture always moves back into its original design so sounds like we found our dupe. If you haven’t got the chance to shop the limited edition MAC Spellbinders then you surely must take a look at L.O.V. Summer 2017 Makeup Collection.

Sensuality meets upon perfection, passion upon precision, seductive textures upon smart details! Inspired by women for women, L.O.V presents its new must-haves. The update of the L.O.V Collection inspires with innovative formulas, exciting shades and iridescent statement look. Feel the color!


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LOV Spring 2017 Rawmantic Collection

Hello beauties!

L.O.V. Cosmetics presents RAWmantic Spring 2017 Collection, its third limited edition collection since the brand was born. I recently had the pleasure of testing two L.O.V. lipsticks I purchased online and I was pleasantly surprised by the innovative and luxurious packaging. They had a magnetic closure that somehow made me associate them with Burberry lipsticks. 🙂 I really do hope that L.O.V. will expand to other countries in 2017 so we can all try out their products.


As naturally beautiful as an uncut diamond or as multifaceted as a gemstone. Pure and powerful on the one hand, delicate and romantic on the other – with “RAWmantic”, the third Exclusive Collection, L.O.V is presenting nail polishes full of effects, multidimensional eyeshadows, soft lipglosses as well as two highlighters for an intensive look.


International Launch Date – from January to February 2017 in Stores and online @lov.eu (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Ireland) Continue Reading

L.O.V. Winter 2016 Exclusive Collection

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About L.O.V. Cosmetics I posted only two times before as it’s a new brand which entered the beauty market earlier this year. Apart from their permanent collection, next month we get to check out L.O.V. Winter 2016 Exclusive Collection which brings a bunch of new products and shades. So far L.O.V. is being available in only three countries, but I’m hoping that next year they will expand and bring their products to more European countries, after all we are still talking about Cosnova here. 🙂


“She loves to present herself in the best possible way and express her femininity. She is aware of her appeal and knows how to enjoy the moment. The night belongs to her.” With the second Exclusive Collection, L.O.V is presenting a selection of limited products for a grand appearance. Shimmering nail polishes, elegant eye make-up as well as highlighter for a perfect glow – these products are sure to turn any woman into the queen of the night.”


Germany, Switzerland & Austria – November 2016 at Drugstores and online @kosmetik4less.de Continue Reading

LOV Makeup Collection Fall 2016

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A new beauty brand is born! L.O.V. by Cosnova is making its debut next week and feature and amazingly large number of products. Cosnova also hosts brands like Essence and Catrice but I feel L.O.V. Cosmetics is a bit more select, fashionable and exquisite while keeping decent prices for the quality of its products. At this point the brand will be launching only in three countries, hoping that in a few years will expand internationally as well as I would love to see a LOV beauty corner at my local drugstore as well. LOV Brush Collection will be also launched next week along with the new makeup and nail products.


The L.O.V. Woman “She is a passionate woman who loves and lives modern femininity. A fascinating, multifaceted personality – strong & determined, but at the same time inspiring, full of empathy and with a heart of gold. Her interests lie in architecture, design & art. Traveling and culture are her sources of inspiration. She has an appreciation for all things beautiful. A love of detail and cosmetics are her passion. Yet her true beauty shines from within. She is at peace with herself and fulfills her many roles straight from the heart and with incredible ease. As a businesswoman, mother and cosmopolitan being, she masters a true balancing act between the worlds. She is well-informed and knows the latest trends, but decides for herself what she likes and what suits her. She follows her own style. She can be anything she wants to be!”


Germany, Switzerland and Austria Launch Date – mid August 2016 in Müller, Rossman and Bundi drugstore branches,  @douglas.de | 15 August 2016 @lov.eu

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L.O.V. The Brush Collection

Hello beauties!

I’m proud to announce the launch of a new beauty brand, L.O.V. by Cosnova, which has also the famous drugstores brands Catrice and Essence that I’m sure you are already familiar with.  The new decorative cosmetics brand from the house of Cosnova offers a comprehensive range of exclusive products. The demands on quality and design of a premium brand combined with availability in selected drugstores at an attractive price. Sensuality meets upon performance, femininity upon strength.

I’ll be returning soon with new info and a tone of photos of L.O.V. Makeup Collection which is really amazing and has some products that I personally felt in love with on the spot.


An exclusive and limited brush collection for the face and eyes, inspired by the unique textures and vibrant colors of L.O.V. A perfect fit: the perfect tool for every product – from powder and blush to foundation and concealer through to eyeshadow and contouring textures. Elegant packaging: the bristles of the five brushes are made of soft, high-quality synthetic material – the black, embossed brush handle is wooden with a rosé golden metal bristle containment.


Germany, Switzerland and Austria Launch Date – end of August 2016 in Stores, Douglas Perfumeries and @douglas.de Continue Reading